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Starting your skin Journey 

New Clients Skin Appointment –

This is for everyone who has never seen Kat before we all start with this appointment.


This is when we start the journey to healthy skin. New clients are advised to bring in any skin care, supplement or medication that they are using so that we can see what’s been going onto the skin and into the body.

The skin is cleaned and assessed under ultraviolet light to ascertain sun damage and pigmentation, as well as dehydration and other environmental triggers. This is also an opportunity to begin to understand the holistic nature with which the skin must be healed in order to achieve long-lasting results. From here, the treatment will be tailored to the skin’s health on that day and we will make a plan to correct it back into its optimal glowing state.

 Return Client Skin Appointment –

This is for follow up appointments, Kat will advise how often she would like to space your bookings alway tailored to your goals and skins needs.


Here we are correcting the skin with our desired outcomes, utilizing over 50 different corrective procedures to keep the skin regenerating and helping its daily program to feed into the organ efficiently. These appointments are perfect for clients that are lucky to live in Melbourne.  

 Medical Facial –

This appointment is more specialised allowing Kat to work with more advanced treatments and techniques. its amazing and often an appointment she will advise once your skin is ready. 


When the skin has been properly prepared with the correct vitamins and has a healthy barrier in place, we can start the corrective protocol.
Environ’s DF Machine is one of the world’s most effective – and painless – methods of skin regeneration. This works wonders in correcting pigmentation, acne, vascular issues, eczema, as well as the visible signs of aging.

Corrective plastic surgeon and founder of Environ, Dr. Des Fernandes, will have all face-lift patients complete 24 treatments with this machine over 12 weeks before he performs any surgery. This will often reduce the need for full-blast surgery, as well as improving recovery time and reducing the risk of scarring. Most imbalances in the skin are usually linked to nutrient deficiency. This is also where we can cavitate the tiny hair follicles and pulse the active ionized vitamins into living cells, restoring the skin to its best possible health and creating maximum results that leave the skin feeling plump and glowing.

There are many ways to perform this procedure, so each treatment is tailored to the patient. Completely pain-free and absolutely no downtime.

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Advanced Medical Needling –

Skin needling can make great skincare become brilliant skincare this is an advanced exciting procedure where Kat performs 5 different treatments in the 1.5 hr your skin will need to be prepared to qualify for the program. She usually performs a course of 6 sessions with the spacing individually scheduled for your best results.


Skin needling can make great skincare become brilliant skincare Having my clients skin qualify for this procedure is always my most rewarding achievement – 

Needling is the reason I have no scarring left on my own skin, as well as getting to say “goodbye” to the red vascular skin from years of sun and wind damage!

Dr. Des himself has credited medical needling with keeping his 75-year old skin looking decades younger. This is an amazing testament to keep away from the Botox and fillers and help our skins natural resources to restore itself.

All skin benefits from this procedure – both faces and bodies, men and women. Medical needling helps to prevent the signs of aging, as well as correct current scarring, pigmentation, fine lines, open pores and encourages the skin’s ability to accept products. It works by releasing our body’s natural growth factors, signaling to the cells to start making their own collagen and elastin again, which re-builds the skin from the ground up. With the help of high-quality topical  Vit A, C & E, the skin keeps regenerating for months after the procedure.

On a young, healthy skin one treatment may be performed each year to help reduce the skin’s natural thinning process
For more corrective imbalances, the best result comes from 6 treatments, spaced weekly, then followed by a 6-month break, then the program repeated. This can also be spaced out over monthly intervals, depending on the patient’s results and goals.

A topical Anesthetic is applied to make the procedure more comfortable.
For the first 24hrs after the procedure the skin will look mildly sunburnt and then will be followed by some peeling skin and the occasional break-out, however, this can all be covered by a special medical foundation so that the patient can go back to work the next day with no interruption to your normal routine.

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