Welwood | Medical Facial
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Medical Facial

When the skin has been properly prepared with the correct vitamins and has a healthy barrier in place, we can start the corrective protocol.
Environ’s DF Machine is one of the world’s most effective – and painless – methods of skin regeneration. This works wonders in correcting pigmentation, acne, vascular issues, eczema, as well as the visible signs of ageing.

Corrective plastic surgeon and founder of Environ, Dr Des Fernandes, will have all face-lift patients complete 24 treatments with this machine over 12 weeks before he performs any surgery. This will often reduce the need for full-blast surgery, as well as improving recovery time and reducing the risk of scarring. Most imbalances in the skin are usually linked to nutrient deficiency. This is also where we can cavitate the tiny hair follicles and pulse the active ionized vitamins into living cells, restoring the skin to its best possible health and creating maximum results that leave the skin feeling plump and glowing.

There are many ways to perform this procedure, so each treatment is tailored to the patient. Completely pain free and absolutely no down time.