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Online skin programming & Coaching

A new and exciting opportunity awaits all of us to have amazing healthy skin – if you live too far from Kat to come in regularly or sadly can’t make regular appointments THIS is for You! 

The best thing about investing in a skin coach is having a tailor-made programme designed just for your skin and its epigenetic factors.  

Having someone know your skin better than you do means Kat is always challenging it. As she will tailor Medical Grade Nutrition-Based Skin Care something to either rev things up or calm things down depending on the season, taking into account that hormones play a part, and what day to day challenges and stresses all react on your skin.  You can’t do that with OTC skin care.  In the long run, it saves you a lot of money and space; no more bathroom cupboards full of half empty mistakes. 

The game changers Kat offers is gifting the knowledge of how your skin works and walking you through step-by-step the path on how to heal it, the power of Vitamin A (which most of us would never tackle without guidance). How skin needling can make great skin care become brilliant skin care. And that getting professional help has meant access to products we could never get our hands on otherwise.

How do I get started and what is the cost?

Step 1– Book your initial once off online skin programming appointment Fee of $170 this covers consultation, ongoing programming time, education and gives you access to the private Skin Wizard FB Group keeping you updated with regular inspirations and educating all things skin and health.

The goal of your first phone consultation is to learn about you – what is happening in your skin and health and what your goals are for your skin. She finds it works best if you understand how your skin condition developed so she can unravel it over the journey, please allow 1 hour for your phone consultation.

Step 2– Kat will recommend and post you your ‘medical grade skin care’ while tailoring the ingredients to your skins needs and budget.  Working on fixing the barrier function and deficiencies within your skin allowing for the tissue to rebuild.

Step 3 -After booking your consultation online at www.welwood.com.au  Please text Kat’s mobile 0421 109 945 a personal clean skin selfie, along with results of both the mind and body constitutions tests found at the bottom of this page.

Now the exciting part of the journey is that you have access to Kat through email and phone service on any questions you may have, – with no extra fee, most clients send monthly skin pics or when they have questions, she will make adjustments to their home care and lifestyle over time. 

Being consistent with the program and trusting the process. Remember beautiful skin is the result of both external and INTERNAL forces and the rewards are so worth it.

Ayurvada Consititution Test

Please complete the 2 seperate Mind & Body Quiz’s

Then send the test total’s on each quiz


Body V 3 P 5 K8

Mind V4 P3 K9

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