Welwood | Seasons and The Skin
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Seasons and The Skin

As the seasons change, we all have to adjust our skincare programs to help our largest organ get through one of the toughest (and coldest) times of year! 


With my skin, I work on boosting the key vitamins A, C and E and usually add special boosting ingredients depending on what I’m working on.

This keeps it hydrated and problem-free, making it more resilient to artificial heat, wind and general harsh Melbourne weather, allowing it to both age more gradually and in tip-top health.


As for clients, this is actually my favourite time of the year – because it’s when I get to start increasing exfoliation, incorprating stronger medical treatments and adding in my favorite medical needling. This means it’s a great time for fixing all of the imperfections that I can or might not have been able to do to the clients skin throughout summer due to beach, sun and activity lovers. 


With my skin, my ultimate goal is to correct all of the years in the sun and snow, having spent my youth growing up on ski resorts and following them around the world. This means there is a lot of sun damage and possible skin cancer that I want to be protecting against and preventing.