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Your Time Starts Now

Our skin is by far the largest organ of our body and on show to the world as a testament to how our inner health is doing. 


The amount of times a day that clients ask me if I’m psychic for guessing their bad habits, be it lifestyle/nutrient quality/quantity and hormonal imbalances by simply looking at their skin is ridiculous.  


However, this usually works in my favour – because they quickly learn that they can’t hide from me, and they may as well start admitting to their skincare transgressions before we even start treating. 

We all need to be accountable to someone beyond ourselves, because it helps each one of us to achieve our goals quicker and keep us on track -that’s why I love all my CrossFit coaches!


I’ve found that the quicker you can pinpoint the trigger, the quicker you can start helping to reverse the problem.


Age, pigmentation, acne, scarring, red veins, eczema, sunspots – the list goes on. All abnormalities in our skin don’t just happen TO us – they’re simply a result of our genes (epigenetics) and how they are impacted by our environment and daily habits.


The more I’ve learnt and continue to learn, the more I’m convinced of one essential thing: all problems in the skin stem from a deficiency in Vit A, brought on by environmental factors.


Our skin does not adapt to this harsh Australian climate without help, so we can’t expect it to look perfect or age and be pimple free at any age without some human intervention.


Sadly, I only get to meet most clients by the time all of the damage is done, and then it’s the hard slog of correcting it.


However with the help of active vitamin-based skincare and medical corrective procedures, we can fix almost everything today; it just takes a little teamwork and a clever program.


With the hole in our ozone layer getting larger each year, more people sitting in front of computer screens, exposure to radiation and the pollution in the air, we have even more reason to learn how to prevent the deficiencies in our skin.


My dream is to teach people how to prevent free-radical damage so that we don’t have to work so hard later on to fix the problems.


My youngest client at the moment is 7 years old and is already amazing at looking after his skin and general health.


He came to me after he fell off his bike over 12 months ago, causing severe grazing to his face. We helped stop the scarring from developing, as well as detecting that he had a Vit-A deficiency, presenting in a red bumpy rash over his body (keratosis pilaris). Through supplementing the correct dosage of vitamins, both topically and internally, improving his ability to absorb nutrients with gut health and skin permeability, he now has glowing clear skin and is rash free, letting his self-confidence sky rocket (maybe a little too much)!


He now tells me why he can’t eat sugar anymore: “because it makes the red bumps come back” without any prompting and performs his simple skin care application daily by himself.


I’m proud to see him flourish and grow, knowing the chances of hormonal acne and skin cancers will also be low into the future due to the work we’ve done on his deficiencies now.


Dr Des Fernandes, founder of Environ Skincare, is very passionate about skin cancer prevention, and has been known to prescribe to patients from the age of 2 years old, topical forms of retinol palmerate and a low % medical SPF to prevent the sun, radiation, pollution depleting precious Vit A from our skin cells. T


These cells are made of about 93% retinol palmertate and are affected when exposed to light (and yes, a computer screen) emits more UVA (the A stands for aging ) and pollution.


The quicker these cells become depleted, the quicker we destroy our precious anti-ageing reserves, leading to the skin developing problems from dull, un-even skin tone to basal cell carcinomas later in life. 


Therefore, we need to learn how to improve our skin’s natural ability to adapt to this harsh Australian clement replace the internal units of Vit-A topically as a daily practice, allowing our skin to perform its function of preventing all abnormal conditions – something which I see and treat each day, all of which could be prevented when taught how to look after our skin.


But don’t worry, it’s never too late to start.  


Knowledge is power, so let’s start learning how we can all make simple changes to help prevent and fix skin conditions, so that we can look glowing and healthy, ageing gracefully and problem free.